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Welcome to Oakes Kia's car parts department. As the team you can trust in your quest for the ideal automotive component, Oakes Kia has created a reputation of supplying you with the part you require to handle whatever service issue faces you down right on the first try.

Taking the conversation to the next level, working with our group of trustworthy Kia components gurus means also being able to lean on a wealth of knowledge and experience you plainly will not come across anyplace else. From figuring out which part you actually need to how best to get the job done right, you can rest easy in the reality that our specialized Kia professionals will be more than happy to assist you along your way.

Ready to hear more about why buying OEM replacement parts from Oakes Kia is definitely the right call? Then now is a great time to take a closer look into the benefits of tying in your parts needs with the expertise provided by the customer-first team of specialists located here at the Oakes Kia parts department.

What Is OEM?

In an effort to arm you with a complete assessment of the OEM distinction, it is a good idea to first go over precisely what "OEM" means. As the acronym suggests, only components that originate from the manufacturer, Kia, are permitted to garner this superlative. Despite the fact that other aftermarket businesses might attempt to pawn off their alternatives as containing the same level of quality and commitment to excellence as an official OEM part, the big key here is the OEM part certification is a classification set aside exclusively for components that conform to Kia's stringent quality and performance guidelines.

Should I Choose OEM Parts?

Oakes Kia oem parts

On the subject of what pushes these offerings far beyond their competitors, there is no denying that choosing OEM comes with a cavalcade of perks. Chiefly, turning to this parts designation for whatever auto service or repair project you are currently dealing with comes with the subsequent gains and assurances:

  • Developed Upon Kia's Arduous Quality Standards — Kia OEM components must pass through stringent testing and evaluation before ending up in your hands, so you know that quality and performance will never be a problem with these offerings.
  • Made Expressly to Handle Kia Repair Projects — While third-party manufacturers might propose to understand the inner technicalities of the Kia process, there is really no way to ignore the fact that only accredited OEM parts from Kia are constructed purely with the technical specs of your automobile in mind.
  • The Only Parts on the Market Designed by Kia's Collection of Engineers – The very same engineers that fashioned your ideal Kia automobile also came up with the groundwork behind the certified OEM parts available here at Oakes Kia, so it stands to reason that it is undoubtedly a smart call to purchase components that come directly from this team of qualified Kia parts development specialists.
  • A Warranty You Can Count On — Kia recognizes that peace of mind goes a long way, so you can rest easy realizing OEM components from this manufacturer are always backed by a firm warranty that guards you and your car.

The moral of the story here? Buying OEM parts straight from Oakes Kia is the best way to be certain the undertaking gets done right the first time.

Oakes Kia Has What You Are Looking for Today

After addressing everything that makes OEM parts stand above their third-party opponents, it is time to handle the final query on your radar: Does Oakes Kia have the Kia part I want? Without a doubt, the answer to this query is most certainly yes!

To give you a greater understanding of what Oakes Kia has in stock, some of the OEM parts offered by the group of parts gurus located at Oakes Kia include:

  • Clutch
  • Fuel Pump
  • Rotors
  • Connectors
  • Exhaust Manifold
  • Bumper Covers
  • Wheel Bearing & Hub Assembly
  • Wheel Hubs
  • Starter Cables

As you can see, when it comes to supplying the people of North Kansas City with access to authorized Kia OEM parts, there is no doubting Oakes Kia's stock of Kia OEM parts is head and shoulders above the other dealerships in North Kansas City.

How Do I Buy Kia OEM Parts from Oakes Kia?

Now that you have gotten to this point, you are most certainly ready to get the ball rolling toward an effective vehicle maintenance and purchase the required OEM part for your impending projects. To begin the process of selecting the appropriate Kia part, you have a couple of routes you can take.

Up first, you can plan a trip to the Oakes Kia parts department and have one of our reputable Kia experts help you sort through the various aspects of this significant purchase. If we have the OEM part you require on hand, you will have the option to take it with you after your short visit; for anything else you need, you can rely on us to get an order in with Kia and have the part delivered immediately.

Should you choose to undertake this process digitally, take a few minutes to peruse our quick and simple OEM parts order form listed below. Right after you wrap up this simple form, a member of the reliable Kia OEM parts professionals will immediately set to work analyzing your request and connect with you to ensure you receive the correct part in a timely fashion.

We appreciate you stopping by the Oakes Kia parts page, and we cannot wait to give you a chance to utilize the most impressive collection of reasonably priced Kia OEM offerings in North Kansas City whenever you find yourself facing down an automotive maintenance undertaking.

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