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Pick-Up and Delivery

Pick up and Delivery Service

Introducing: Convenient Pick-Up and Delivery from Oakes Kia

Experience a new level of convenience with Oakes Kia’s vehicle pick-up and delivery service for all your maintenance appointments. Sit back, relax, and let us take care of your vehicle with our new delivery service.

How it Works:

  1. Book Your Appointment by clicking here
  2. Put in the “Notes” section that you wish to have pick up/drop off service
  3. Oakes Kia will schedule your pick up and drop off for your vehicle in advance
  4. Our specialists pick up your vehicle and service it at Oakes Kia
  5. Your car is delivered back to you

Get Started Today!

After you’ve scheduled a service appointment, we will send a professional driver to pick up your vehicle at your preferred location. Our team will take care of the maintenance and repairs your vehicle needs, and once your vehicle has been serviced, we will arrange for its return to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about Oakes Kia's Pickup and Delivery Service:

1. Do you offer vehicle pickup and delivery for maintenance appointments?

Yes! The Delivery Service at Oakes Kia is a convenient vehicle delivery and pickup service provided by our dealership. It allows customers to easily schedule maintenance appointments, have their vehicles picked up from their preferred location, and then delivered back to them once the service is completed.

2. How does the Customer Delivery Service at Oakes Kia work?

Our BDC Team handles scheduling for vehicle service pickups and drop-offs for our customers. Rest assured, the service team will arrange your vehicle pickup and delivery with one of our fully vetted and insured drivers.

3. How does Oakes Kia provide a safe vehicle pickup and delivery experience?

To ensure each move protects you and our drivers, we offer a contactless vehicle delivery process. Additionally, we require all of our drivers to undergo a multi-step safety screening and annual re-screenings, in addition to using technology to monitor potential issues. Automated tracking ensures your vehicle is exactly where it is supposed to be at all times.

4. Can I schedule a vehicle pickup and delivery in advance?

Yes! Please call us today at (816) 826-1310 to schedule your next maintenance appointment with vehicle pickup and delivery.

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