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Oakes Encore Delivery Program

As part of the Oakes Advantage, we are committed to relaying all information necessary for our customers to successfully understand and master all the features available. Therefore, we would like to invite you back to return at a time convenient for you so we can address any outstanding questions. An Encore Delivery will also allow us to fully explain technology operation and use again that may have been missed on the initial delivery.


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To make sure you’re familiar with these features and to personalize them according to your needs, book your Encore Delivery from the times we have available today. You’ll have a one-on-one appointment at Oakes Kia with your Product Specialist who will answer any questions you have and help you explore and customize your new vehicle’s systems.

Benefit One

Understand how all of your Systems Operate.  Such as Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist, Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning, and more.

Benefit Two

The Kia Connect App allows you to find your parking location, check your vehicle status, send emergency information, start your vehicle remotely, adjust climate, all right from your smartphone. Find out what else it can do!

Benefit Three

Master the technology that is compatible with your phone, media, and messages, apps, and navigation services, such as Android Auto or Apple Car Play.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need from you so I can register my new vehicle purchase?

Everything you need to register your purchased vehicle will be available 7-10 working days after all documents needed are secured and you have taken delivery. Any additional questions, email [email protected]

What happens with my trade title and/or payoff?

If you have a trade title that needs to be applied, this may cause a delay in the delivery of your purchase docs needed to register the new purchase. We issue checks to your lienholder on trade-ins to complete the payoff of your balance, however, the trade-in is not finalized until we receive the “lien release” from the previous lienholder if the physical title still has a lien holder listed on the lien section of the actual title.

What are my registration and tax expectations should be if I leased my new vehicle?

All leases have the sales tax built in the payment. However, personal property tax is not. The lease company will pay your personal property tax when it is due to your county on your behalf and then in turn bill you for the same amount. Whether you lease, finance, or paid cash, this does not affect the due dates or amounts of personal property tax. If your address is not listed in Missouri and you still have more questions, please contact [email protected].

How do I schedule service visits?

Easy! We have recently expanded the number of service stalls in our service department, we have more master Kia technicians than any other Kia Retailer in the area. Not to mention the largest inventory of Kia Certified Parts. All to service our customers better and more efficiently.

I have questions about my payments.

All payment details and due dates are in the installment agreement given to you at the time of sale when docs were signed. Any modifications of the due date or methods of how to make a payment will need to be addressed with the lienholder we assigned for you. Please contact [email protected] if you need any assistance.

What if I need an additional temp tag?

Per the state we operate our business in, it is forbidden to issue multiple temporary tag permits to the same VIN#. There is a solution available if it has been lost and a police report has been issued. Having an expired temporary tag affixed while driving is not a moving violation if ticketed. We recommend having the original paperwork in the glove box available in the event you are questioned about the validity of your purchase.

What happens if I refer someone I know and purchases a vehicle?

A referral is the greatest compliment we can receive. We will gladly pay $100 for anyone you send us that mentions your name as the referrer, and purchase a vehicle. Simply reach out to your sales consultant and we will make it easy for everyone!

Are you hiring?

We are currently hiring for various positions in multiple departments. Not to mention we are part of a family of dealerships. Please email [email protected] for any inquiries about our job opportunities along with a resume.

I would like figures on a second vehicle purchase please.

We thought you would never ask! We reward loyalty! Please simply let your sales consultant know that you have a possible interest in a second purchase if the numbers would work out in your favor. Along with any trade-in information, we will make it hard to say no!

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