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Oil Change Service

Kia Oil Change Service

We offer Kia owners from North Kansas City, Claycomo, Riverside, MO, and beyond certified synthetic and semi-synthetic oil change services here at Oakes Kia.

Kia Oil Change in North Kansas City, MO

Regular oil changes will help protect your Kia’s engine against wear and preserve its resale value. We offer Kia owners from North Kansas City, Claycomo, Riverside, MO, and beyond certified synthetic and semi-synthetic oil change services here at Oakes Kia. Our certified technicians will bring out peak performance and efficiency from your engine by using high-quality OEM oil and filters. Find out more about oil changes and their importance on this page, and then schedule your next service at Oakes Kia.

Ensure Proper Engine Performance With Regular Oil Changes

Oil allows your engine to reach peak performance and efficiency by providing much-needed lubrication. An engine without oil would be subject to harsh wear to its internal parts, overheating, and even fires. But it’s not enough to have engine oil; you must exchange it periodically for the best performance. As your oil cycles through your engine, it will begin to degrade and collect contaminants. Engine oil contaminated with metal shavings, dirt, and other particles will lose its lubrication ability and lead to engine issues. The only way to ensure optimal engine oil performance is by changing it regularly.

  • Synthetic Oil Change Service - Synthetic oil is the best oil choice for most drivers and their vehicles. On top of superior lubricating ability, synthetic oil is engineered with special additives to help clean your engine and perform efficiently even at the most extreme temperatures. Another advantage of synthetic oil is its resistance to degradation and contamination compared to other oil types. As such, synthetic oil only needs to be replaced every 7,500 miles.
  • Semi-Synthetic Oil Change Service - If you are looking for some of the benefits of synthetic oil at a slightly lower price, semi-synthetic oil is a great choice to consider. As a blend between synthetic oil and conventional oils, semi-synthetic oil can offer a balance of value and performance. However, semi-synthetic oil will begin to break down quicker than synthetic oil and should be replaced every 5,000 miles.

Genuine OEM Engine Oil at Oakes Kia in North Kansas City, MO

Our Parts Department is fully-stocked with genuine OEM parts and fluids, including engine oil, engine filters, and more. Trusting your oil changes to the experts at Oakes Kia ensures that your engine is serviced to all of Kia’s quality standards. There are no aftermarket or conventional oils here, just the highest quality OEM synthetic and semi-synthetic oil for your Kia Forte, Kia Sportage, or any other Kia that you might own!

Kia Oil Change Service

Schedule Your Next Oil Change at Oakes Kia Near Pleasant Valley, MO

Scheduling an oil change at Oakes Kia is as easy as a few clicks. Our online service scheduler is available 24 hours a day and offers a convenient way to schedule service on your time. Or if you prefer, you can contact our service department and make an appointment by phone. However you choose to schedule your oil change, be sure to visit our service specials page first to see our latest maintenance offers. We look forward to seeing you soon at Oakes Kia!

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