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Electric Vehicles near Liberty MO

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Here at Oakes Kia, we are proud to live on the cutting edge of the automotive industry. Over the last few years, electric vehicles have become a hot topic, with more and more drivers turning their attention here. Accordingly, we’ve shifted part of our focus to this category, ready to help drivers like yourself who may be interested in learning more about or even getting behind the wheel of electric vehicles.

Read on to learn more about our inventory of electric vehicles near Liberty, Missouri, and our expertise as a local dealer.

Kia EV6
The Appeal of Electric

Electric driving has become popular for several reasons. It’s the eco-friendly nature of EVs that is often hyped up, which is great! However, EVs offer drivers so much more than a ride with no carbon emissions.

For starters, there are a number of financial incentives that accompany EVs, such as the Federal Tax Credit, and a reduced need for maintenance. Additionally, with an EV, you won’t have to spend money at the gas pumps fueling up your ride.

It is also worth noting that the experience you get within an electric car is highly immersive. With fewer moving parts, EVs run extremely quietly, yielding a relaxing driving experience. These models also feature some of the most innovative features and amenities within the cabin space, again elevating the experience you get behind the wheel.

Driving Off the Lot In an EV

If you find one of our electric vehicles, like the Kia EV6 or the new Kia EV9, particularly interesting, we’d encourage you to contact our finance department. Working with one of our experienced professionals, you can put together a financial plan with terms and conditions that you are content with.

About Liberty MO

Liberty offers plenty for you to explore behind the wheel. You can enjoy scenic rides along the Missouri River as you head downtown for an adventure. Nearby, you also have Martha Lafite Thompson Nature Sanctuary calling your name, thanking you for helping preserve it with your clean and green Kia EV!

Service Center
Your Trusted EV Advisors

We’re committed to you long after you leave the lot here at our dealership. Through our service center, we are in a position to provide you with whatever maintenance or repair you may need as you drive your electric vehicle.

It is true that EVs generally require less service attention than their gas-powered counterparts. However, there is still the need for service from time to time. Whether that service need may be a software update, a tire replacement, or a fluid change, we can help. Our technicians are all trained and versed in the engineering of EVs, ready to step in and assist you as needed!

Find Electric Vehicles near Liberty MO

If you’re on the hunt for electric vehicles near Liberty, MO, we are glad you found us here at Oakes Kia. From our inventory and expertise to our overall passion for this expanding sector, we are confident we can aid you and are eager to do so.

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