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Brake Pad Replacement

aOakes Kia Brake Pad Replacement Service

Brake Pad Replacement at Oakes Kia in North Kansas City, MO

If you require new brake pads for your Kia, we invite you to visit us at Oakes Kia in North Kansas City, MO, near Pleasant Valley and Riverside. A brake pad replacement is a routine brake service that you must perform as your brake pads wear down in order to maintain safe braking ability. Continue reading for more information about your brake pads and their maintenance, and then come visit us at our state-of-the-art service center near Kansas City and Claycomo, MO.

Maintain Your Braking Ability With Kia Replacement Brake Pads

Your Kia’s brake system works in part by your brake pads squeezing down onto your brake rotors. As this happens, intense friction is created, which helps slow down your wheels. But during this process, your brake pads will gradually wear down. The more they wear down, the less they will be able to grip your brake rotors. This can lead to decreased braking ability and longer stopping distances. You may notice signs of worn-out brake pads, such as grinding noises or your vehicle pulling to one side while braking. Brand new brake pads will restore your braking ability to optimal conditions.

Certified Kia Brake Pad Replacement Services at Oakes Kia

Depending on their driving habits, different drivers will require brake pad replacements at different intervals. Drivers who are frequently in stop-go traffic will likely see their brake pads wear down quicker than drivers who spend most of their time on the highway. Regardless of how many miles your brake pads have on them, you must have them replaced before they wear below 3 millimeters. At Oakes Kia, we offer certified brake system services, including brake inspections and brake pad replacements. We invite you to visit us for all of your brake system service needs.

Come To Oakes Kia For Certified Brake Pad Replacements in North Kansas City, MO

With something as vital as your brake pads, you shouldn't trust anyone but the best technicians for your Kia. We employ Kia-trained technicians who work exclusively with genuine OEM parts, ensuring long-lasting services and repairs that you can count on. Our exceptional service expands beyond your Kia, as you can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, snacks, beverages, and more while you wait. Schedule an appointment for service at your convenience using our online scheduling tool.

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