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All-Wheel Alignment

Oakes Kia All-Wheel Alignment Service

Kia All-Wheel Alignment Service in North Kansas City, MO

Optimizing the Kia driving experience involves wheel alignment maintenance. We provide Kia owners with Kia-certified all-wheel alignment services. Our certified technicians have extensive experience performing all-wheel alignment services for Kia all-wheel-drive (AWD)/4x4 models, including the Kia Sportage, Sorento, Soul, Telluride, and EV6. We precisely restore wheel angles with computerized wheel alignment equipment in our state-of-the-art facility. Continue learning about all-wheel alignment maintenance and the value of choosing Kia-certified all-wheel alignment service. Check the specials page to save on Kia-certified all-wheel alignment service and schedule your appointment online at Oakes Kia in North Kansas City, MO.

All-Wheel Alignment Maintenance

The Kia driving experience is defined by smooth handling, responsive steering, riding comfort, and safety. A significant contributing factor to the expected driving experience is wheel alignment - how the wheels meet the suspension, angle, and tires grip the road. Wheel alignment at factory specifications ensures the wheels point straight and perpendicular to the road with opposing sides parallel. Wheel alignment benefits include even treadwear, extended tire life, improved handling, fuel efficiency, and safety. Wheel alignment requires maintenance because the suspension components depreciate, causing wheel angles to shift out of specifications. Kia AWD/4x4 models need all-wheel alignment service every 12 months for the best driving experience.

Kia-Certified All-Wheel Alignment Service, Near Kansas City and Pleasant Valley, MO

Kia-certified all-wheel alignment service involves a certified technician measuring all four wheels’ angles using computerized equipment, comparing the measurements to specifications, formulating the ideal adjustment strategy, and adjusting the front and rear suspension/steering components to precisely restore wheel angles to factory specifications. All-wheel alignment services at Oakes Kia include a complimentary multi-point inspection.



Schedule Service at Oakes Kia, Near Riverside and Claycomo, MO

Kia owners can schedule an all-wheel alignment service appointment online anytime or by phone during operational hours. Customers find convenience and value in checking the specials page for service savings, downloading relevant offers, and scheduling appointments online within minutes. Consider scheduling service on Saturday if you need a weekend appointment. We invite you to relax during service in our comfortable waiting area with complimentary snacks/beverages/coffee bar, magazines, newspapers, vending machines, and courtesy Wi-Fi. Browse the parts and gear boutique for a more customized Kia driving experience.

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